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  International datacom

Expand your business internationally with Xfiber.

Xfiber enables your enterprise to connect to cloud-services, and other data centres, globally with higher speeds and lower latency than with your existing internet connection.

Xfiber provide fiber-based, “low latency”, data communication between Norway and all corners of the world, to enable fast cross-border communication between all branches of your company.

With Xfiber your enterprise can expand internationally without the limitations of your internett connection.

Xfiber offers a wide range of datacom products, such as our Xpress Cloud , international Lan2Lan (Ethernet) connections and international IP / VPN wich will give your company a secure, more stable, predictable bandwidth with significantly lower latency than using a “regular” internet connection.

 Ethernet / Layer2
Xpress Cloud

Combined with our robust, high capacity national fiber network, Xfiber provide international customers with fast and reliable access to Norwegian businesses and major Norwegian and European data-centres.Xfiber’s  network gives your company access to the shortest routes between your  branch office and your data-center or headquarters wherever it might be.

Xfiber’s experience and reputation as a reliable supplier to the Oil and Gas industry, has provided us with a unique knowledge of the high standards, and demands, of international datacom customers.

Contact us:
Contact us at +47 51 22 75 00 or send inquiries to sales@xfiber.com, and we will contact you for a presentation of our solutions.