Wavelength from Xfiber is a scalable product for users who want to build and have complete control over their own network.

Via Xfiber’s own fibre network, you will have exclusive disposal of a colour channel in a fiber run. This will allow you to transfer extreme volumes of data, and simultaneously maintain full control over data security and transmission quality.

  • Delivered as WDM in the 1271 nm to 1611 nm interval
  • Single-mode 9/125 µm with LC/SC connector
  • Customer is free to use approved WDM drivers
  • Speeds up to 100 Gbps are available
  • Active solution is available
  • Guaranteed uptime (SLA) 99.8%
  • Access to highly certified team of consultants
  • 24-hour monitoring of infrastructure and accesses
  • Redundancy is available

Proposed solutions
Contact us at +47 51 22 75 00 or send inquiries to [email protected]. Alternatively, you can use our chat, and we will contact you for a presentation of our solutions.