Speed test

Test your internet speed here: xfiber.speedtest.net 

The test must be performed using a “wired” connection (not WiFi). Make sure that no other applications or users are adding traffic on your network. To ensure you have complete control of the traffic in your network, it is best to connect your PC directly to the LAN port on the CPE and ensure other devices on LAN is disconnected.

Please note that such testing may use a lot of the bandwidth when it is in progress, and this may affect other users on the network!

If the circuit is part of a IP-VPN, please contact your IT department to check how the network is designed to ensure you are doing testing correctly. On IP-VPN network it is common to share the Internet access centrally in the network. There may also be dedicated central servers in your local network that it may be appropriate to use for testing. In some cases QoS  may be configured that may affect traffic. Some may also have several networks that traffic is routed  into.

A bandwidth test will never be able to give 100% right measurement since there are many variable parameters that may affect the result (other data traffic, virus scanner, firewall …).

If in doubt about how to perform appropriate testing, we kindly ask that you contact your IT partner or us.