A closed corporate networks that connects branch offices, shops, hotels or restaurants to the main office have many benefits. 

Xfiber provide closed corporate networks as a complete managed service called IP/VPN. Xfiber handles all IP routing, and remotely operate all necessary equipment both centrally and at the customer end

As an alternative to IP/VPN, Xfiber can deliver a pure Ethernet/Layer2 service. This can be a good choice for companies who want to administer IP routing and routers themselves. IP/VPN is a secure and scalable solution. By creating a dedicated virtual network without geographical constraints, users in a branch office can communicate securely with the company’s central services from other locations around the world, as if they were located at the same address. You can add, change, move and remove locations without  causing downtime for the other locations.

IP/VPN solutions facilitates central operations.  Only simple modems/routers need to be installed at each location, and all traffic administration takes place centrally.

You can centralize all security solutions, including your firewall and antivirus, and make common rules.  Many customers choose a net-centric firewall solution installed in Xfiber’s server rooms, so that the main office’s communications are not encumbered with internet traffic from its branch offices. You can also prioritise traffic that requires guaranteed bandwidth, such as IP telephony, video and Citrix access with Quality of Service solutions.  It is easier to troubleshoot when all traffic management takes place centrally, and it is easier to send out replacement hardware, as these components require only a basic setup.

IP/VPN is suitable for companies, retail chains, public agencies and institutions that want to connect multiple locations to a secure and closed data network. Access lines are delivered via fiber, SHDSL and VDSL, depending on bandwidth needs and redundancy

  • Robust Ethernet-based core network
  • Guaranteed uptime (Xclusive SLA) 99.8%
  • Access to highly certified team of consultants
  • 24-hour monitoring of infrastructure and accesses
  • Adapted for services such as Quality of Service (QoS), BBS/Nets, SOIL access, etc.
  • Full redundancy is available

As an alternative to IP/VPN, we can also supply closed corporate networks as pure Ethernet/Layer2 solutions.

Ethernet Multiaksess
Some customers want to administer their own IP network and choose a pure Layer2 service from Xfiber. Then all accesses are delivered with pure Ethernet interfaces and customers can install routers themselves and establish their own security regime.

The Ethernet accesses are delivered over a jointly agreed NNI (Network to Network Interface) point as a simple VLAN or a VLAN trunk. Q-in-Q and multiple VLANs per access can be delivered as Additional Services

In its simplest form, Ethernet Multiple Access connects 2 locations. Many companies choose to connect their 2 largest offices with a pure extension of their Ethernet-based LAN in a LAN2LAN solution.

Proposed solutions
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