Xfiber is a European provider of broadband and data-communication services.

Our services includes business-grade high-speed Internet connections and secure communication between branch offices, data centers and other locations (IP/VPN, Ethernet Multiple Access or LAN2LAN), both in Scandinavia and globally.

To guarantee the quality of our service, delivery and fault correction processes, the Company became  ISO20000 certified in 2015.

Ever since the company was founded, Xfiber has established an extensive and redundant core fiber-network with a strong focus on low latency.
Our network is linked to a number of international partners and data centers, which allows Xfiber to deliver lightening fast connections within our network globally.

Our service philosophy furthermore enables us to deliver broadband and data communication solutions with the market’s best response and fault correction teams. We have experienced that this level of service is of particular value for System Integrators/Cloud suppliers and other companies with particularly stringent requirements for availability and quality.

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Phone: +47 51 22 75 00

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Vestre Svanholmen 14
4313 Sandnes

Vison & Core ValuesStrategy

Xfiber’s vision

Why does Xfiber exist? What do we strive for? What makes us proud?

Our vision is “to be recognised for delivering the most secure and the most reliable data communication solutions on the market.”

The Xfiber motto is therefore “zero tolerance for downtime”. This says it all. In just a few words, it describes our ambitions and focus, as well as our internal culture.

Xfiber’s mission

How and for whom should we strive to achieve our vision?

“Based on our ‘zero tolerance for downtime’, Xfiber will contribute toward improving our customers’ competitiveness by always ensuring that the customers’ data communication with the rest of the world takes place with uncompromising quality and in the most secure manner while using the most efficient technology available at any given time.”

We operate in an industry that is constantly undergoing technology evolution. However, our mission requires us to always ask ourselves the following before introducing new technology or new services:

“Will this help add to our customers’ success?”

We live by our core values. Everyone on the Xfiber team identifies with our values and understands how they obligate each individual employee in both demeanour and actions.

  • The Xfiber team will always do whatever we can to solve technical challenges. We have “zero tolerance” for downtime, and the customer will experience us as “service heroes” with 100% commitment to problem-solving and fault correction until the customer is back online.
  • The Xfiber team will always strive to evolve and improve ourselves and the company, and will always seek to utilise new technology to make our customers’ solutions even better. Our quality work will have a particular focus on working proactively and learning from our mistakes.
  • The Xfiber team must be perceived as competent, innovative, flexible, generous and genuine, and our services must be perceived as robust and problem-free so that customers and suppliers always have a positive experience when they are in contact with us.
  • Xfiber will deliver specialised datacom services to customers that have a particular appreciation for uncompromising quality where high performance, low latency, low jitter, full redundancy and stringent security are in focus.
  • Xfiber will continuously contribute to the development of a better global society. We will contribute financially to projects that support work for people with difficult living conditions, and will also handle waste and packaging materials in an optimal manner so that our operations do not have an unnecessary impact on the environment.

Xfiber should position itself as a pure datacom supplier with features and services that particularly appeals to customers with high demands and expectations for service quality, stability, expertise and responsiveness. Our customers are typically system integrators and other service providers that further refines and sell our services as part of their own to end-customers, to quality of Xfiber’s services directly affects the quality of the final product.

Services and networks only for enterprises
Xfiber delivers exclusively solutions for the professional market. Our strategy is to continuously develop our core network with a special focus on satisfying the needs and demands of the business world. This includes capacity, service content and quality. Our development will be focused on key industrial areas to provide maximum coverage to the corporate market. Our organization should have high capacity and availability so that our corporate customers immediately will get assistance to resolve problem situations or implement appropriate changes. The Xfiber team will further develop its culture rooted in a fundamental respect for our customers’ costs related to fault situations, and always do everything we can to reduce customer downtime.

Fully dedicated to uptime
Xfiber’s organization will have zero tolerance for downtime. This means that any customer who are offline will get maximum attention until the issue is resolved. In the event of operational problems, we will immediately implement fault correction, mobilize for alternative backup solutions, mobilize personnel to the customer’s location, sending out replacement equipment immediately by the quickest way and follow the customer close untill normal operation is restored.

Customer Dialogue
Xfiber should be especially vigilant and notify customers well in advance in connection with planned maintenance work, and keep customers well informed about fault situations including expected time to get it fixed.

Security Focus
Xfiber should allocate significant resources to monitor threats and secure our core network against incidents and attacks. We shall emerge as the supplier that takes most responsibility for and has the most expertise in data security among our competitors. We will also develop a comprehensive portfolio of security services so that our clients can entrust all their security needs to Xfiber as part of its data communications services.

ISO documented procedures and quality systems
Xfiber philosophy is that the quality of deliveries, operations and service starts with solid processes and procedures connected with a knowledgeable organization. Xfiber shall base its working methods and its quality system on ISO 20000, and became certified in 2015. This ensures Xfiber a preferred position among customers who do work after strict quality requirements.

Owning and renting
Xfiber will build its own fiber based infrastructure where appropriate, but will also rely on leased commodities from other operators in the form of fiber and copper. All key network components shall be owned and managed by Xfiber so we always have full opportunity to influence service quality and content and may carry out fault correction and change most effectively.

Xfiber should particularly work towards multinational companies with the need for data communication between Norwegian and foreign branch offices. Xfiber’s strategy is to establish their own POP’r (Points of presence) at key international internet hubs, so that we can offer our clients private, secure data tunnels between their Norwegian office and offices abroad. In addition, we position ourselves so that we become a preferred supplier to foreign operators who need data communication services in Norway.