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Xfiber is a European provider of broadband and data-communication services.

Our services includes business-grade high-speed Internet connections and secure communication between branch offices, datacentres and other locations (IP/VPN, Ethernet Multiple Access or LAN2LAN), both in Scandinavia and globally

To guarantee the quality of our service, delivery and fault correction processes, the Company became  ISO20000 certificaticated in 2015.

Ever since the company was founded, Xfiber has established an extensive and redundant core fiber-network with a strong focus on low latency.
Our network is linked to a number of international partners and datacenters, which allows Xfiber to deliver lightening fast connections within our network globally.

Our service philosophy furthermore enables us to deliver broadband and data communication solutions with the market’s best response and fault correction teams. We have experienced that this level of service is of particular value for System Integrators/Cloud suppliers and other companies with particularly stringent requirements for availability and quality.