About technology

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Xfiber primarily delivers data communication solutions via fiber. 

Fiber, as a medium for transmitting data, is an unsurpassed technology that provides optimal performance, minimal bit errors, low latency and the highest scalability.

Fiber is particularly the preferred medium for transmitting real-time data such as video and audio, as well as synchronising large volumes of data, e.g. between SAN solutions.

At the same time, it is important to be aware of the fact that the actual fiber is only a fiberglass thread pulled through plastic tubes (polyethylene tubing) between strategic hubs throughout the world.

What separates the suppliers in quality and performance, however, is the actual network design, network electronics and the established operational routines.

Xfiber installs and owns a significant amount of fiber itself, primarily in Rogaland, Norway, but also leases fiber from other operators in order to complete its network.

DSL over the copper network (primarily SHDSL and VDSL) is used in areas where fiber is not yet available or, as a backup to fiber in some places.

A DSL solution is also delivered on fiber up to the nearest connection point, while the last hundred or thousand metres are over copper lines. Fortunately, DSL technology has taken great strides in recent years, and speeds up to 80 Mbps can now be delivered to a large number of addresses. Xfiber has been working with DSL technology for many years, and has accumulated substantial expertise to ensure that DSL solutions are also delivered with very high quality.

Some of our customers also choose to combine fiber and DSL in a redundant solution. Copper and fiber are often installed in separate runs, and this solution thus yields a particularly high level of redundancy.