Xfiber will help to increase your competitiveness by always making sure that your data communication with the rest of the world happens with uncompromising quality , in the safest way and using  the most efficient technology.

Secure transmission of large amounts of data with extreme speed

Xfiber makes sure you have plenty of bandwidth with extreme speed and uptime. With Xfiber you can take advantage of the Web and other online services the most efficient way, always . Our Internet access services are dedicated, and not overbooked. All customers are covered by our market-leading SLA. This is why companies all over Scandinavia, and Europe rely on broadband access from Xfiber every day.

Our network experts, at your service

We have provided Internet connection and other data communication solutions since 1995 . Among the datacom suppliers in Norway, Xfiber is one of the absolute most experienced companies . Many of our employees has worked with data communication for more than 20 years.

Xfiber supplies data communication to your business,
wherever in the world it might be

Our network is linked to a number of international partners. This allows us to deliver Gigabit access to the Internet or between international branch offices across the globe. You can work wherever you want, freedom is unlimited.

Our customers are exclusively businesses and includes everything from small companies to large corporations. Our organizational culture is based on giving  immediate expert support. You have direct access to technical resources who can make changes to your service and help you while you wait 24/7.