Xfibers “Carrier Access” offers access to other carriers, system integrators and other customers who, want to administer their own IP routing.

This ensures greater control and flexibility for companies with sufficient internal resources and expertise. With this product the customer can install their own routers to control data traffic.

The service is delivered over a commonly agreed NNI (Network to Network Interface) point.

Xfiber delivers multiple types of Ethernet / Layer2 services, including:

Ethernet LAN2LANEthernet MultiaccessNNI access

Ethernet LAN2LAN from Xfiber is a service that can connect two locations (larger corporate networks are defined as Ethernet Multiple Access) in a virtual and secure network terminated with Ethernet at each end. A dedicated connection, often with Gigabit bandwidth, is established so that two offices can split network resources as if they were at the same address, without using additional solutions or hardware.

Xfiber has built an extensive and redundant core network in key parts of Norway, and has also connected its network to several other operators’ redundant access networks. This enables us to deliver market-leading services with good performance and excellent uptime to companies located anywhere in the world.

Lan2Lan is pure Ethernet Layer 2 communication and the customer is free to administer IP routing itself. Traffic between locations runs through Xfiber’s robust infrastructure in a dedicated virtual connection using a dedicated VLAN and EVC tunnel.

  • Access lines delivered via fibre, SHDSL or VDSL
  • Point to point or multipoint
  • Opportunity to have multiple VLANs, dot1Q and QinQ
  • Delivered as an Ethernet Layer 2 product (IP/VPN if desirable)
  • Robust Ethernet-based core network
  • Guaranteed uptime (SLA) 99.8%
  • Access to highly certified team of consultants
  • 24-hour monitoring of infrastructure and accesses
  • Full redundancy is available
  • Additional services, including extra VLAN and Q-in-Q are delivered as needed.

If there is a need to connect a large number of branch offices or shops, customers who want to administer all IP routing themselves often choose Ethernet Multiple Access. This solution is also especially popular among System Integrators and Operators, as it makes it possible to connect Xfiber’s accesses seamlessly in your own network, and add services that increase value on top.

Our solutions allow for a full mesh solution with a single dedicated Ethernet port at each location so that the solution is perceived as a simple local network/LAN. The solution can be configured in a full mesh network, or as a branch network; alternatively as a combination, all depending on the customer’s needs.

Xfiber offers NNI Access (Network 2 Network Interface) to System Integrators and Carriers/Operators.
From the NNI points we can deliver all accesses as they are established on dedicated VLANs.

Additional services, including extra VLAN and Q-in-Q are delivered as needed.

Proposed solutions
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