Xfiber Xpress Cloud

Cloud services are an increasingly important part of many companies total IT strategy.

Xfiber has, for several years, offered dedicated, secure and stable connections to a wide range of data centres and cloud services in Norway and abroad for thousands of users.

We call this service Xfiber Xpress Cloud.

Xfiber Xpress Cloud is a “shortcut” to  cloud-based services and data centres all over the world.

With Xpress Cloud you get a stable, predictable and secure connection to the cloud. Data traffic is not transported on the public Internet, and are therefore not affected by attacks and congestion that may occur on a normal internet connection.

Low latency

Xfiber Xpress Cloud is a “business grade” point-to-point service that gives you higher bandwidth and lowest possible latency.

Xfibers comprehensive physical and virtual networks are especially designed for low latency and high performance for business users.

Xpress Cloud can be set up in several varieties, for instance:

  • Internal Enterprise Solutions
    • Companies with their own centralized IT solution can use Xfibers Xpress Cloud network between all branch office and their centralized ITsolution, to ensure stable performance.
  • External Data Centres and System Integrators
    • Xfiber  already has Xpress Cloud connections to most Norwegian and a wide range of European data centres and all the largest system integrators. This gives your business a secure, fast, and easy way to move your IT strategy to the cloud.
  • Cloud services in the rest of the world
    • Xfiber Xpress Cloud is also connected to a number of international data centres, and can be used with Microsoft Azure and Office 365.

Xfiber works closely with several of the largest system integrators (SI) in Norway, and currently supplies several Xpress Cloud solutions between their data centres and clients both in Norway and in the rest of the world.

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