SLA & General terms

Xfiber’s ambition is to provide the best service, accessibility and expertise in the market.

As a customer of Xfiber you are guaranteed access to highly qualified technical resources in the event of a fault situation.

Monitoring and support
Xfiber’s NOC center monitors all parts of the network 24/7/365. In the event of errors, our systems will detect automatically and allocate necessary resources to start error correction.

All our services* include our highest level of service, “Xclusive SLA”.
See separate document for more information about SLA parameters.  (English version starts at page 5)

Among other things, this means that as long as the service is under contract*, we will send out new equipment immediately if the equipment fails, we will send out an installer immediately in order to start trouble-shooting in an error situation, and we will immediately attempt to transfer your service via alternative technology if error correction requires a significant amount of time.

*services delivered via xDSL/copper is not covered by this SLA agreement, even if they are within the contract period.

General Terms

In the document below you will find our general terms and conditions that apply to all our services.
This includes terms and routines for invoice, termination, relocation, etc.
See separate document for General Terms

Proposed solutions
Contact us by phone at +47 51 22 75 00 or send inquiries to [email protected]. Alternatively, you can use our chat and we will contact you for a presentation of our solutions.