Xfibers server rooms are the ideal place to install your company’s servers.

In our Xfiber data centers, you get a proximity to the Internet that you only get from an ISP. Install your servers in our state-of-the-art data center. Designed for optimal cooling and energy efficiency. A Colocation service at Xfiber is fully scalable and can grow with your business’ needs for space and performance. Our data rooms have several high-speed fiber connections with separate paths and full redundancy to the Internet and other central datacenter hubs. This ensures very high uptime on your services.

Xfiber data centres have direct fiber connections across the North Sea to the UK and Europe. All vital network components have dual or triple backup systems. Power and cooling in our data centers are secured with emergency power batteries and powerful generators.

A colocation service from Xfiber is tailored to each customer, but can contain the following:

  • IP connectivity with high speed fibre connections
  • IP addresses as needed
  • BGP routing, which allows for IP transit from multiple providers
  • Dedicated or shared firewall solution
  • Monitoring 24/7/365 from Xfiber’s NOC (Network Operating Center)
  • Consultant services as needed in connection with installation or fault correction

All our services include our Xclusive SLA agreement.

Proposed solutions
Contact us at 08095 or send inquiries to [email protected].  And we will contact you for a presentation of our solutions.