Additional Services

Xfiber is a full-service supplier of data communication solutions.

Xfiber is a full-service supplier of data communication solutions. Our customers are everything from small companies that only need a stable, high-speed connection to the Internet, to large multinational groups that require customized solutions.

In order to cover all data communication needs a company may have, we provide a range of additional services as shown below.  Please contact us if you need services that are not mentioned below.

Proposed solutions
Contact us at +47 51 22 75 00 or send inquiries to [email protected]. Alternatively, you can use our chat, and we will contact you for a presentation of our solutions.

Payment Services – NETS/BBS

A solution from Xfiber can include a separate channel directly to Nets (formerly BBS), so that your POS terminals have their own, secure route directly to the payment solutions. Xfiber has parallel connections to Nets in order to ensure that it is always available.

Expanded IP Subnets

Our internet connections always include 1 official IP address.
If you need multiple IP addresses, we can deliver a larger subnet in the following increments:

IP subnet – 30-bit network, 1 available address
IP subnet – 29-bit network, 5 available addresses
IP subnet – 28-bit network, 13 available addresses
IP subnet – 27-bit network and beyond – contact us for details

BGP routing

Many of our customers, including ASP/Cloud providers and other data communication suppliers, need multiple routes to the Internet and robust failover solutions. Xfiber can assist in the design of multi-home solutions, and can also coordinate the entire RIPE application process to be allocated necessary IP networks.

Extra VLAN

Physical networks can be further segmented in virtual LANs. Xfiber can deliver extra VLANs based on the 802.1Q standard, so that the customer can segment its own services in logical networks at the Ethernet level.


Operatører og andre aktører med avanserte datakommunikasjonsbehov ønsker ofte å kunne administerere sine egne Operators and other players with advanced data communication needs often want to be able to administer their own VLAN. This requires the VLAN connection to be transparent and allow the operator to add its own VLAN tags. Xfiber delivers data connections that support Q-in-Q as needed.

Extra MAC Addresses

Xfiber’s solutions include 64 MAC addresses. This is sufficient for most customers, but we can also deliver an expanded range of MAC addresses in the following increments as needed:

0 – 64
64 – 512
512 – 3072


Xfiber’s IP backbone is 100% dual-stack. Contact us for more information.

Customer Portal

Xfibers customer portal is available for customers with larger portfolios. Please contact [email protected] to get access for your company.