Xfiber Xpress Hub

Industry collaboration without multiple physical point-to-point connections

Xfiber Xpress Hub connects “Remote Connectivity Providers” together efficiently and securely.

The hub has no direct connection to the Internet. This enables cost effective, cross company communication, without having to establish multiple point-to-point connections or complicated VPN setups.

Xfiber Xpress Hub will ensure a smooth transition away from SOIL which is end of life by Q2-2022

Xfiber Xpress Hub is a “shortcut” to services delivered by the Remote Connectivity Providers and can be used to connect partners all over the world.

With Xpress Hub you get a stable, predictable and secure connection. Data traffic is not transported on the public Internet, and are therefore not affected by attacks and congestion that may occur on a normal internet connection.

Low latency

Xfiber Xpress Hub is a “business grade” point-to-point service that gives you high bandwidth and the lowest possible latency.

Xfibers comprehensive physical and virtual networks are especially designed for low latency and high performance for business users.

  • Connecting operators and Remote Connectivity Providers efficiently
  • High speed
  • Low latency/jitter – wire speed at the HUB
  • Redundant
  • Layer 2 (ethernet) only
  • SLA

Remote Connectivity Providers

Connectivity service is available for companies through the remote communications service providers listed below. Please contact your chosen service provider for ordering and clarifications. Listed in unprioritized order:

Option AS
[email protected]
+47 51 29 07 07
EMP Secure:
[email protected]
+47 952 03 358
[email protected]
+47 810 20 060
[email protected]
+47 52 04 00 00
Telenor Maritime:
[email protected]
+47 37 09 00 00
[email protected]
+47 99 21 24 15
[email protected]
+47 23 26 13 72
Speedcast Norway AS:
[email protected]
+47 51 22 20 00
[email protected]
+47 80041660