Business Class Internet

Business Class Internet from Xfiber will give your company high bandwidth and extreme availability at competitive prices, to allow you to leverage your Internet connection in the optimal manner.

International datacom

Xfiber provide fiber-based, “low latency”, data communication between Norway and all corners of the world, to enable fast cross-border communication between all branches of your company.



Many customers want particularly robust Internet access with failover solutions that are activated if the primary link goes down for any reason.

Along with the customer, Xfiber can design the optimum solution to ensure that the customer is always online.


Since 1995

Since its inception in 1995, Xfiber has been successful in building trust in the business market.

Our team works continuously to develop the company as the most specialised and attractive supplier of data communication services for the Norwegian business market.


Closed corporate networks that connect a company’s branch offices, shops, hotels or restaurants to the main office have many benefits.