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upheads_logo The most important qualities of a datacom supplier:

  • Gigabit solutions with low latency
  • Rapid response in connection with changes and error situations
  • Expertise in both networks, security and server solutions
Upheads is experiencing rapid growth in cloud services. Soon we will have 100 companies on our client list who have chosen to move internal IT solutions to Upheads’ data centre. However, this sets entirely new quality and response requirements for our datacom suppliers.
Xfiber is one of the few players in the datacom market that always go the extra mile, and always do whatever they can and a little more in order to get solutions delivered and errors corrected. The Xfiber team is uniquely skilled in isolating bottlenecks and fine-tuning performance between the end-user and our solutions.
For us, it is undoubtedly a competitive advantage to use a player like Xfiber, which genuinely understands the meaning of Business Class datacom.”
Ove Rydland, Business Developer and Owner.
Company: Upheads AS
Website: www.upheads.no
Customer relationship: since 1997
Solutions from Xfiber: Fibre-based IP/VPN solutions which ensure that each individual Upheads customer can work securely and with high performance vis-à-vis the centralised cloud/ASP solutions.