Fjord Power!

Green Mountain Data Center (GMDC) near Stavanger, Norway is an ultra-modern , environmentally friendly and safe place to put servers and storage devices.

Deep inside the mountain lies the massive server rooms constantly cooled with naturally chilled seawater from the deep fjord outside.
This provides an energy-efficient cooling , with a smaller ” carbon footprint ” than other comparable systems.

The facility is a former NATO ammunition storage , with extensive safeguards.

Several major companies have already established their server farms here , and more are on their way .

This large server capacity has similar large bandwidth requirements. A customer with offices in Oslo, Harstad , England or Germany would expect the same response as if the server were in-house . With the same high bandwidth and low latency .

Xfiber have redundant high-capacity fiber connections to the facility , which ensures stable and lightning fast connection to the outside world.

The users of the facility retains the same or better functionality as before , while they have a safer , more stable and more environmentally friendly server park .