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  Customer care

Tel. no. within Norway: 51 22 75 00 / 08095 *
Tel. no. outside Norway: +47 51 22 75 00

Office hours for sales, servicedesk and administration are Monday to Friday 7 AM to 5 PM, but you can always report problems to our service desk
by calling 08095/+47 51 22 75 00 for assistanse in case of a network failure.

Contact us by e-mail:

Sales – sales@xfiber.com
Servicedesk – support@xfiber.com
Billing – billing@xfiber.com

Postal / visiting adress:
Fabrikkveien 7, 4033 Stavanger

If you wish to terminate a service, please use the following web-form:

Terminate subscribtion

* For our customers convenience, Xfiber has  a 5 digit phone number, which is easy to remember. By using this number, it is currently impending (per December 17) additional costs at the price of NOK 1.99 kr per minute.
Xfiber has no revenue from this (this is exclusively cost from the telephone operator).
If you would like to call our customer center on “regular” fee, you can use 51 22 75 00