Terminate subscription

By clicking the button "Submit termination" you confirm the following:
- Termination of the service.
- That you have authorization to perform this termination
- That Xfiber can process personal data from this form, for the purpose of termination of this circuit.

Important informasjon on termination terms and return of equipment.

We have noted you have chosen to cancel this service with us, but hope we are still one of your choices in providing datacommunication services to your company.

Please note the following:

Unless otherwise agreed, cancellation term is 3 months from expiry of contract period starting from the first day of the following month.

Return of equipment:
Xfiber equipment installed at customer premises (modem, routers, switches, UPS) needs to be shipped back to Xfiber within 10 days after terminated service. The cost of the equipment is NOK 3.500 to 9.500 + mva. The equipment is labelled Xfiber/NetPower, but may also be labelled with the name of one of our sub-suppliers such as Broadnet, TDC/Telia, Telenor or Powertech. You will soon receive an invoice due 10 days after planned termination of the service covering the cost of the equipment. The invoice will be credited immediately when we receive the equipment in complete and undamaged condition. The address:

Labelled "return of equipment"
Xfiber AS
Fabrikkveien 7
4033 Stavanger

Send tracking/package-number to [email protected] as receipt for shipment.

Ref. also https://www.xfiber.com/generelle-avtalevilkar

If you have questions related to the termination of your services, please contact [email protected]

We hope to see you back sometime in the future when your datacom needs may change again.