Does high bandwidth guarantee you fast response?

Today, everyone can get high bandwidth at a reasonable price.
But business demands of today requires more than bandwidth alone.

Measured bandwidth and perceived bandwidth are two very different things.

High latency is a challenge to many companies. Systems don’t respond as quickly as they should, and the benefit of working in the cloud diminishes.

The easy solution to the problem seems to be to buy more bandwidth.

If the connection has high latency, the connection is perceived as slow no matter how much bandwidth you throw at it.

Xfiber delivers low latency connections by ensuring that our core network has high quality components, intelligent architecture and by being directly connected to the main national and international hubs.

More and more companies need to move large files such as geological data.

The large data packets don’t fit in the “normal” networks and needs to be split into several small packets to get through. This can lower performance and bandwidth for the customers.

By increasing the allowed size of data packets through the customer’s connection, Xfiber can ensure more efficient and thus faster communication  than with a “normal” connection.

Our know-how and our ability to set up “tailor made” connections for our customers ensures full utilization of our your broadband connection.